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2022: A photo review

What did we get up to this year? Turns out, a lot! Here's a collection of some fun photos from 2022. Thanks for taking this ride with us.


a young man with a backwards baseball cap, jacket and a face mask is holding a bouquet of flowers, looking at the camera

A guest gave a bouquet of flowers to one of our front of house staff, Cameron- no explanation, just a sweet gesture from someone who wanted to brighten his day.


a man from behind, bundled up and shoveling snow on our sidewalk with Findlay Market in the background on a very gray day.

A guest asked us if he could help us shovel our snowy sidewalk on a day where staff barely made it in to work during a snowstorm. We were grateful for his help and generous spirit!


A young couple smiling at the camera, sitting side by side at a dining table with a bunch of food in front of them. The woman is leaning on the man who has his arm around her shoulders.

We celebrated the first day we finally reached 100 guests in our dining room in one day after reopening months before. This cute couple were 99 and 100!


two men hanging a big banner on the front of our building. One is holding the bottom of a ladder the other is at the top of. The banner reads Our Daily Bread loves the reds! step up to the plate

We root, root, rooted for the home team! 🎶 The Reds opening day parade starts just outside our doors, and we were so excited to have a reason to celebrate. Staff and volunteers had food, cake and ice cream, and a front-row seat to watch the parade out our windows.


A young woman with long brown hair and a big smile stands next to a yellow wall with Our Daily Bread painted on it in script.

We welcomed a wonderful University of Cincinnati intern, Kate, for the summer! She helped us with all things digital marketing, including a summer fund drive, social media, collecting photos and video, and more.


A four-door convection oven in our kitchen. It’s shiny silver with red details.

We got a shiny new convection oven! It's been speeding up cooking, and we're so pleased to have an extra boost to keep things moving in the kitchen.


Four men unloading bottled water and snacks from the side of a tour bus into shopping carts.

We got a surprise donation from First Baptist church in Clinton, South Carolina! They pulled up with a tour bus full of bottled water and food gathered by their youth ministry.


A view of the plexiglass between the kitchen and the dining room, with the kitchen in the background. There are paper plates taped to the plexiglass, each plate with a letter spelling out happy birthday cookie! There are streamers across the top.

We decorated for our founder’s birthday! We also collected donations of homemade cookies, in honor or Cookie, to give to guests to celebrate.


A pile of 5 ziplock bagged sandwiches and packets of mayo and mustard inside, plus a note to go with them. The notes read you’re amazing, you are loved, do something you enjoy today, you rock, and stay hopeful.

We received a big donation of hundreds of sandwiches made by Seven Hills School, each with an encouraging note to go with them. These went in snack bags distributed alongside hot meals for guests to have food for later.


A diverse group of 8 staff, volunteers and guests dancing the cha-cha slide together in our lower dining room.

We started having more activities for guests, including karaoke day! The first karaoke day ended with a group of staff, volunteers and guests doing the cha-cha slide together.


An older woman and a younger woman smiling big for the camera, both holding their hand up with a peace sign. They are next to a poster on the wall that has a pennant banner across the top that reads happy birthday, balloons on each side, and text reading “is today your birthday? We’d love to give you a gift bag! Tell a staff member it’s your birthday, and we’ll get you one. No picking bags up for others. Must show ID.”

We relaunched our birthday program, which provides bags of small gifts for guests on their birthdays. In November, we had 28 birthdays! This photo is of a guest on her birthday, excited to celebrate her special day.


Four women smiling at the camera and posing, standing in front of a wall that has framed photos and newspaper articles on it. They are all black women in their 30s and 40s and dressed for a brisk day. They’re all wearing little headbands with reindeer antlers and holly on them.

We have a great front of house crew who have been in the holiday spirit since Thanksgiving, wearing reindeer antler headbands and putting up decorations. These ladies handle our to-go window, bag check, and security and are the first faces guests see when they come to us for food and a place to warm up.

That's it!

Time to say goodbye to 2022 and embrace a new year. We've been lucky to have the support of so many this year, and we're looking forward to continuing our hard work in 2023. Thank you for taking our trip down memory lane, and we'll see you next year!

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Every person in the Greater Cincinnati community has sufficient access to food, essential social services and a safe place of belonging.


The mission of Our Daily Bread is to provide stability and hope to guests in need by offering meals, hospitality and services in a safe, respectful environment, located in Over the Rhine.

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